Is the Sony a7rII lighter than the 5dmkII? Not really. / by Adrien Le Falher

Canon 5dmkII vs Sony a7rII


If you've followed photo tech these last months, surely you've heard of the new camera SONY has unveiled: the Sony a7rII. With a full frame sensor, second highest resolution available on the market behind the Canon 5d r, and a lightweight body, it really makes people wonder if they should make the switch to SONY. One of the main reason I read, is the weight. But Is it really lighter?

I make some calculations from my own photography equipment. 

5dmkii = 907g

17-40 f4= 475g

50mm1.4 = 290g

100mmL macro f2.8 = 625g

Total = 2297 g

Without the grip, the SONY and my 3 most used lenses, the ones that I used for 99% of the pictures on this site, the total weight is 2,297kg. Quite heavy, right? Now, let's take a look at the SONY a7rII.

a7rII = 640g

16-35 f4 = 518g

55mm 1.8 = 281g

90mm macro f2.8 = 602g

Total = 2041g

The focal lengths vary a bit because SONY doesn't have the same lenses as Canon, but they're the closest match. As you see, the total weight is 2,041kg, meaning there's about 250g of difference. Not much!

Now, the a7rII has many more advantages on the 5dmkII: better sensor for resolution and low light, 4k video... But body weight? Not so much. And as you can see, the lenses aren't much lighter either. The 16-35 is actually heavier than the 17-40 while keeping the same max aperture, the 55mm is 9g lighter (but f1.8 and not f1.4), and the 90mm is 23g lighter, and has less reach. If you go by the lenses only, the SONY is actually heavier, by 11g!

So if you're buying the a7rII to be kind on your back, think again ;)