As a photographer, my motivation is to create windows to the world, to create an object that allows the viewer to move in space and time; to capture a moment and be able to relive it with the same force as when it happened. Because of this, I always try to create pictures full of details and colors, sharp and vivid representation of a landscape that once was. 

This feeling is difficult to convey on a website, as the pictures are so small. I sell big prints that will allow to enjoy the photographs at their fullest, but not everybody can afford them, nor do most people realize just how much you can see in one picture. 

As a solution, I created a page where you can zoom in 100% into some of my pictures, and marvel at the level of details they offer. Did you notice the delicate texture on the bark of that tree? Did you see the tiny people planting the rice at sunrise when the sun isn't too warm yet? Did you count the steps on these never ending stairs? 

Just click on the pictures... and enjoy the view!

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