Wide Angle Showdown: testing distortion on full frame cameras by Adrien Le Falher

Wide Angle Showdown

I'm writing a technical article again, sorry, we'll come back to art shortly!

One of the advantage of the Sony A7 line series is being able to use adapters, and therefore lenses from different manufacturers, on their camera. Being a Canon shooter, I regularly use the 17-40mm, which I find to be a decent lens on a 5dmkII. But how does it compare to Zeiss' 16-35mm for Sony E mount, and Voigtlander 15mm III? 

For wide angle lenses, distortion is the main issue. Therefore, this is what I wanted to test: does the Sony 16-35mm has less distortion than the older Canon 17-40mm? Does the Voigtlander 15mm has less than both? Let's find out!

For this test, I went to a camera shop that had a straight grid for a ceiling. The straight lines would then make the distortion very obvious. I then tested the cameras on Sony a7 R and Sony a7rII. 

Here are the pictures (you can download the raw files at the end of the article):


As you see, both the Sony 16-35 and the Canon 17-40 are pretty distorted at their widest, maybe the Canon a bit more so than the Sony. The Voigtlander, unsurprisingly, has almost no distortion, thanks to being a fixed lens made for short flange. 

The good news? Adobe Lightroom has corrected for each of these lenses, but you will lose some quality. 

You can download the raw files below, including shots at their longest, where distortion is minimal. 

Meet Déjà Vu NUMERO UN, the first issue of a new magazine! by Adrien Le Falher

Déjà Vu is a web magazine featuring contemporary photographers. It features photographers from all around the world, creating a community that grows with each issue, thanks to a unique system: indeed, each photographer can invite another artist that inspire them for the following issue. Every artist that has already been featured in Déjà Vu can, at any time, present another series of work in the following issue.

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This is a book about lens design, in French, therefore this post will be in French, sorry.



Je suis très heureux de sortir de mon tirroir ce petit fascicule, nommé "A chaque récit son objectif", que j'ai écrit en 2014. Mise en forme de mes recherches sur l'optique et de ses usages au cinéma, il couvre les différentes propriétés des objectifs et l'effet sur le rendu du l'image qu'ils produisent. 

J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à rassembler ses savoirs et à les transmettre d'une manière que j'espère à la fois instructive sans être trop technique. Je la partage donc aujourd'hui avec vous, afin que vous puissiez vous aussi vous instruire sur ce sujet qui me passionne. 

Je vous invite à le lire ici : A chaque récit son objectif 

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Iphone Wallpapers by Adrien Le Falher

Free stuff! 

I've had a few requests to make some wallpapers from my pictures, so here they are! You can download two packs of images, optimized to fit an iPhone perfectly! One is from the New York collection, the other from BLUR. In both packs you will find exclusive images that weren't release before! 

Download them here:

NEW YORK  (mirror)

BLUR (mirror)

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